Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Integrated Voice comes to SL

I've been clamoring for this for a long time, and now it is here! And now I am bummed... For businesses and such it is great, for messing around, voice is definitely something that is a little personal to be giving away. Oh well, for better or for worse it is here.

Read the Linden Blog post [HERE] for more info.

Taking a Break

Old Cliffordb will be taking a break for a few days and then next week I'm headed towards GDC in San Fran. I will try to post notes from the conference here for your review. There are several serious game sessions that look good. The mobile sessions look interesting too but most of them are so short that I don't see them imparting any real knowledge. It should be interesting, this is the first year I've been able to stay the whole five days and I'm excited.

So, check back next week.

Coffee Shop hits the Cubicle

Interesting article about "co-working". I've used a few coffee shops in RL around my office and home as a virtual office and I love it. The idea of blending people together who are "floaters" into some sort of social environment is key. I love working at home but I find I'm more productive sometimes if people are around. Not even so much to interact with, but just to have in my proximity.

Anyway, enough about CliffordB. Check out the article [HERE].

HBO in Second Life

Millions of Us and HBO are hosting a U.S. Comedy Arts Festival feed into Second Life tomorrow March 1st.

Read more about it [HERE].

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Technology in Education

Daniel Livingstone's Blog Learning Games references two reports worth mentioning. One is a report from the New Media Consortium dealing with Educational Technologies coming into play. The other is a best practices manual for cooperation in education using virtual mobility...whatever that is.

Check them out.

[NMC Horizon Report]
[EU Report]

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

SL on a Phone?

I've been fooling around with SMS and Second Life for a while in my spare time. Looks like somebody has taken things to the next level though. Read Technology Review's article on Second Life on a phone [HERE].
I just hope Second Life gets stable again so all this creative effort doesn't go to waste. I love Second Life, but
geez, lately things have been bad.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Second Campus Blogger Contributors

For the Second Campus looks like you have to upgrade your blogger accounts if you want to post on the Second Campus blog now. See Cliffordb if you have any questions.

Game Tap

Old Cliffordb has been pretty down and out lately so I haven't been posting much. There is still a lot of things going on with Second Life, but much of it not earth shattering. I would like to pass along one thing though. Our IT manager at work bought 7 licenses to Game Tap for his crew to research what makes a good game with. He gave me a license which was a nice gesture. I've looked at Game Tap for a while with skeptical eyes, but I have to tell you it is pretty cool. I'm an old school gamer, and the beauty of Game Tap is that they have some of my old favorites like Ultima III and Might and Magic II, as well as many newer games, some of which I was suprised to see on Game Tap so soon. The cool thing is that you download these games directly from Game Tap AND THEY WORK. Try downloading Ultima II from an abandonware site and getting it to boot up on a Windows XP or Vista machine. Good luck, it can be done but it is not easy. Game Tap handles that all for you. There is enough content in Game Tap to keep me busy for a long time. So thanks David for the license, and I highly recommend that every gamer checkout Game Tap if they haven't already.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another Pro-Business in SL Article

Check out the article [HERE].

Interesting Debate

I've been quasi following this debate for a while. It is essentially a pro/con debate about Second Life's value for education in particular and immersive environments for education in general.

Follow the latest [HERE].

Another Gaming Report

Another report sighting the potential of educational gaming in immersive worlds.

Check out the report [HERE].

Read Learning Game's summary of the report [HERE].

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Second life Goes Prime Time

The Electric Sheep Company aired a brief commercial that was shot in Second Life for CBS's Two and a Half Men sitcom. I believe this is a first for prime time. I'm going to past the code in...hopefully the video will show up :)

If not try [HERE].

P.S. Thanks Brent for letting me know you are viewing this blog!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Anybody Listening?

Hi all, I haven't bothered to try to add any metric way of keeping track of how many views this blog gets. I do have a question anyone reading this? Both for my own vanity's sake and to help me prioritize my work load...if you read this blog and find it useful, please let me know :) Thanks.

Virtual Worlds Review

Virtual Worlds Review maintains a nice list of virtual worlds. I do not believe the list is complete, but it is still a valuable resource. Check out the list [HERE].

Second Life for Big Business

This article is about a month old, but Lori Kremen highlights how big businesses are using Second Life. Check out the article [HERE].

Second Life, Darwin, and God

Click [HERE] to read an interesting article about the evolution of Second Life.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Swedish Embassy in SL

Sweden plans to set up an embassy in Second Life as an "information portal for Sweden."

Get the low down [HERE].

Vista SL?

Check out Coolzor's blog post to read about how Microsoft Vista was marketed recently in Second Life.

The post can be found [HERE].

Social Networking Blog

Angry Beth, the maker of a very useful presentation tool in Second Life, has posted a great article about how social media is going mainstream.

Check out her post [HERE].

Christmas is Coming Early this Year

A developer over at apparently has released a very early alpha on an open source SL Sim :) Awesome! Now we are talking... Of course more work will have to be done with this before it is usable, but it is a glimpse into the future, and a promising one at that.

Check it out [HERE].

Michigan State University is apparently offering an MA program in Serious Game Design, which I believe is a first.

For more information about the program click [HERE].

(I found this on Bryan Alexander's Blog, which can be accessed [HERE]).