Friday, February 16, 2007

Game Tap

Old Cliffordb has been pretty down and out lately so I haven't been posting much. There is still a lot of things going on with Second Life, but much of it not earth shattering. I would like to pass along one thing though. Our IT manager at work bought 7 licenses to Game Tap for his crew to research what makes a good game with. He gave me a license which was a nice gesture. I've looked at Game Tap for a while with skeptical eyes, but I have to tell you it is pretty cool. I'm an old school gamer, and the beauty of Game Tap is that they have some of my old favorites like Ultima III and Might and Magic II, as well as many newer games, some of which I was suprised to see on Game Tap so soon. The cool thing is that you download these games directly from Game Tap AND THEY WORK. Try downloading Ultima II from an abandonware site and getting it to boot up on a Windows XP or Vista machine. Good luck, it can be done but it is not easy. Game Tap handles that all for you. There is enough content in Game Tap to keep me busy for a long time. So thanks David for the license, and I highly recommend that every gamer checkout Game Tap if they haven't already.

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