Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Second Talk

I haven't been posting much, both because I'm busy, and because even though SL is growing like crazy, not to many earth shattering events are happening as of late. More and more companies are piling in-world, and more and more users from other nations ourside the U.S. are logging in, which is where I think most of SL's growth is happening right now.

I found one interesting application that I haven't actually tried yet, both because the SL grid is down and because Skype won't work for me behind my corporate firewall. The application is called Second Talk. It integrates Skype into SL, so it might be worth a look. We are still kind of racking our brains on what VOIP solution to use. Team speak seems to be the in-world favorite, we have used the gizmoproject with some success but it is an intrusive app that installs some software on your box that is constantly pinging a server somewhere. Skype looks really promising, especially the skype cast moderated discussions, but we can't access Skype here at work. Grrr...

Anyhow, maybe Second Talk is worth a look. You can check it out [HERE].

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