Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Ok, this next article is related to some adult subject matter. I've been pondering addressing how the adult nature of Second Life will affect how it is used by "serious users" like ourselves (edu's, gov's, ngo's, etc...). Every decision maker who ponders the serious use of Second Life should be aware of the adult content that exist in the second life virtual world. The following Terra Nova "cybersexdaq" article is an funny eye opener about the adult nature of Second Life for the uninitiated. It doesn't have any pictures but has a few bad words, so I will call it semi-work safe. Check out the article [HERE].

Also please note, on our islands we have some controls in place (banning, freezing, controlling who has access to our Second Campus Islands, etc...) to keep adult activities out of our areas. Yet we can't keep students and faculty ON our islands...they can go off on their own time. Just as at home on the web people are free to do what they please while at work or at school they cannot. Perhaps Second Life will add additional restraints that can be tied to avatars (i.e. avatars that can only enter PG areas). But I wouldn't expect this soon.


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