Thursday, November 16, 2006

CopyBot and Intentions: Bad Baba

Here is a transcript from some of the chat in the #libSL channel (IRC?...Doesn't look like an SL IM format) posted on Cristiano midnight blog. Baba Yamamoto graciously allowed me to interview him yesterday. He came off as just a programmer that was just figuring out how the Second Life communication protocols worked and he and his group had no malevolent intentions with CopyBot. Cristiano's post sheds new light on the mind set though, and it isn't all good. I understand programmers boasting about their creations, especially when they discover something as monumental as the ability to copy objects in game, but I think Cristiano's post puts things into context that at least the libsecondlife group had a clew about what they were unleashing. I also think it is ironic that someone copied the text of the #libsl chat and replicated it :) Check out Cristiano's Blog post [HERE].


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