Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Attack of the Clones

Today I became aware of two products that might compete with Second Life on some level. The first is the much talked about finally delivered metaverse project. They have been in development for a while and have finally gotten around to an open beta. You can check it out [HERE]. I have yet to fully evaluate it, but from my initial glance it looks like you can run your own server, which is nice. On the bad side it looks like you have to develop objects outside of the metaverse with Maya or Max (no built in building tools).

Another product that kind of looks like Second Life meets myspace is Kaneva. The world looks suprisingly similar to Second Life though much more limited as far as building and poses go.

Anyway, two things to watch. If we could find a product outside of Second Life that could scale to meet the demands of having 10,000 concurrent users on at once we would be all over it.


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