Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Infocyde and Second Life

Infocyde is an information warfare is a state where an information receptor gets overwhelmed by so much information that it essentially ceases to operate. I feel like I am suffering from infocyde as I try to track Second Life as it continues to evolve. There are now about 40 blogs that I track, the SLED educational listserver generates about 30-100 emails a day, and there are numerous web sources that I check out daily. Let’s just say that Second Life, despite of its recent instability, is now growing at an amazing pace. Where a few months ago you might stumble across one or two new corporations or colleges coming into Second Life, that seems to be more of a daily occurrence now with no real signs of stopping. Reuters, Intel, IBM, SONY BMG, and other big name companies have all made their presence know in Second Life over the past two weeks. I think trying to keep up with it all in the 15 or 30 minutes that I task for researching SL each day would now be better spent focusing more on what happens in Second Life that affects Second Campus. We kind of slowed our roll a bit as Second Life became massively unstable for a few days and as we encountered a few internal hurdles. With how quickly Second Life is growing however, I think it is time that we got back on the fast track development cycle again. Second Campus is about 90% complete, with the remaining 10% of items (which are mostly mine to do) being minor tweaks here and there. So expect Second Campus’s Early Adopter program to roll shortly. Stay tuned.


At 4:17 PM, Blogger MINDMODEM said...

getting an error signing up for a basic account..says the security phrase isn't right but it is each time..any particular issue on your end or is it my FW or IE7 browser>?

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Cliffordb Hightower said...

Not sure, I am using for this. Might be an IE 7 issue, I have had problems with a few sites using IE, but seems to be working with IE7 ok.


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