Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cars, Books, Travel, Sloodle, and Banks Come to SL

Ok, here is a break down of major comings and goings in SL over the last week and a half.

* There are now several Amazon affiliated bookstores in SL. Read a kind of negative blogpost about them [HERE]. Penguin Publishing is also dabbling in Second Life, you can read about that [HERE]

* A virtual travel agency now exists in SL (and other places). Check them out at synthtravels.com.

* Nissan and Pontiac jump into Second Life. Read about it on 3pointD.com [HERE]. You can check out Pontiac's front end to their SL Sim [HERE].

* A Moodle (popular open source Learning Management System) has been integrated with Second Life to form Sloodle. Read about Sloodle [HERE].

* The Wall Street Journal through its CareerJournal.com site has an article about Avatar Marketing that deals with Second Life [HERE].

* Meta Bank, dealing only in Lindens, is the first SL bank besides some SL Mafia groups loaning L's out that that I am aware of. Check out the Uvvy blog about Meta Bank [HERE].

Also, Business Week and the New York Times both had not to noteworthy articles on Second Life during this time frame.


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