Monday, December 18, 2006

Second Campus to Begin Dreaded 'Outsourcing'

Originally we thought about using SL residents to create our virtual campus. We scrapped that idea as Second Life was such a cool project that there was a lot of interest and everyone on our development team was eager to jump on board and develop in SL. Well, with a bunch of new projects coming up and the danger of Second Life becoming the red-headed step child project we have decided to start recruiting in-world talent to create our virtual domains. I'm actually pretty excited, as outsourcing much of the building and scripting in SL will free up our development staff to start working on projects that desperately need to move forward. I think "crowd sourcing" to a user base of about 200,000 active users will produce much better results then what we can do on our own given our limited resources and time, and I've pretty much thought that from the beginning. But now we have about 2 guys that are SL gurus and another 3 or 4 of us who are near guru level in SL, and I think in crunch times those skill sets will come in handy. Also all of us learned a few things in SL that will translate to how we go about building other projects which will include non-Second Life virtual worlds, so the time was definately well spent.


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